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Loser or what ?? Loser or what ??

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Aduurr, wait what?

Derr... I votes 10 for everyone whether is good or bad, is so funny!

It can go both ways, honestly I know what you're talking about and as I do disagree with "Trash-Man-1" on a lot of the things he said like just ignoring the trolls that vote 0 that's complete bullshit. Not to mention the comment "The only way to get recognized or for your art to become a hit is to be with an "in" group otherwise it's almost impossible." that's drivel ignore that. All you need to do is do your best and remember there's always room for improvement, a little bit of natural talent never hurts either, and yes, be humble...

Yeah, don't feed the troll and yeah, ratings might not matter but it's still annoying when someone votes 0 on something you put time into for some stupid selfish or childish reason, or just because they can, it's bullshit and it shouldn't be tolerated.

Honestly, if I had a website like newgrounds I would hire people to moderate and find people who just vote zero because they can they would be warned and finally banned and their reviews and ratings removed, that's how it should work. Sadly that's not the newgrounds we live in.

So if you're going to submit things online for possibly millions to view at their leisure, you gotta have thick skin, don't let it bug you, but if you get the chance fight trolling and immature douche-bags that do the above actions.

Good-luck in the art world my friend.~

Rennis5 responds:

thats a great point if they are voting 0 because its a pointless system then why not just vote 10 on everything or not vote at all, i think those zombies need some brains.
No one has to sit there and take it, why do people bag me out for hitting back?
You do need think skin, but i tend to take it all toung in cheek, but sometimes i just don't understand it and that does get frustrating, thats why i drew this picture.
i have got a pretty good result to, but i was hoping for more comments,
thank you dude, you'r a legend

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Thanks for the review, nice drawing yourself btw :P

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Urza12 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, and your welcome :D